On the road again… Headed to the Oklahoma/Kansas border?

Abilene, TX — We made it into Texas on time for some isolated storm development. Targeting from ~7 hours away, we were able to find the only cell in the region to get a severe thunderstorm warning. The storms fired up in a small area of convergence to the northwest of Abilene, between Aspermont, Hamlin and Stamford, TX.

Partially due to a large range between the temperature and dewpoint (~90F over ~50F), the storms in the area were quite high-based. Still, we came across some neat structures, and as evening set in one storm rooted itself enough to the surface to produce some regular lightning along a rain shaft near its core.

Looks like week 2 should be a bit busier than week 1, we’re re-staging (probably near the Oklahoma/Kansas border) for potential activity tomorrow — more on that later…

Here are a few quick shots of the first storm we hit, the one that was severe warned, and some lightning just to our north as evening set in. The first two are stitched (rather quickly) from multiple shots.

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