High and low temperature by year at Washington, D.C.

Ok, I am being unbalanced with D.C. climo of late. It’s a mindless task when bored, and I recently finished a compilation. Here’s a graph (to scale, if not clearly marked as such) of high and low temperatures by year in Washington, D.C. The change in highs has been quite minor though the range is equally small. Lows, however have seemingly continually pressed upwards throughout recorded history.

The 81-2010 average for the highest temperature of the year was 98.8, with the long-term average coming in at 98.3. The 81-2010 average lowest temperature was 9.9, while long-term is 7.3.

This post is part of a Washington, D.C. climatology series, both on and off site, that will be maintained at semi regular intervals.

2 thoughts on “High and low temperature by year at Washington, D.C.

  1. Can you direct me to the source of your data? I’d like to see the record highs by year, and number of 100 degree days by year, for the DC area. Thanks!

  2. I obtained daily climate records for D.C., Baltimore and Dulles through a friend who works at the National Weather Service. I believe some or all of it is available through the National Climatic Data Center but I honestly don’t know the process involved there.

    Regarding records by year, you may be able to piece it together (not sure how recent it has been updated) through NWS Baltimore/Washington pages for records on each day by month.

    On 100-degree days, this post should cover most of it. I can go back into it and add the source data by year.

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