Photographing D.C.’s weather


I started photographing the weather back when I was like eight when my family first visited the Sierra Nevada in California during winter and it just absolutely dumped snow. I was hooked. It took another 5-10 years or so until I really got into it though. My first DSLR, which I acquired in college, made me even more serious.

A few days after moving to D.C. in 2006, I was picked up by to do weather photography for the blog. Eventually that led to bigger and better things at the re-branded CWG on Despite any new endeavors, the photography bug has stuck.

I’d say D.C. weather is usually fairly tame, but the city and the region does something a lot of places do not. And that’s regularly witness pretty much every type of weather. That fact allows for numerous opportunities to try for photos at the least. It’s often hit-or-miss with what you come away with, but perhaps that’s part of the photo game anyway.

A small list of links to some of my favorite events I’ve photographed here in the city…

Photographing history: D.C.’s snowiest winter. What can I say? Two major snowstorms to cap off a crazy New England-esque winter. (Feb. 18, 2010)

The derecho disaster. No photos from me, but one of my wildest weather rides ever. (Jul. 3, 2012)

Fall lightning storm. Still some of my better iconic lightning photos. Note: resolution is messed up in post. Image at top of this page is from this date. It also spawned a Huffington Post article. (Sep. 3, 2012)

St Patricks Day snowstorm! Five times the regular March snowfall in one night. (Mar. 18, 2014)

Double rainbows over the Mall. What does it mean? Great photo opportunities, mainly! (Jul. 9, 2014)

Truth be told, even the less-memorable events provide memorable moments. Be they lightning, shelf clouds, more shelf clouds, or the like.

A good sense of my overall D.C. weather portfolio can be seen in a Flickr album on the subject. A lengthier list of photo posts can be found on the published page of this site.

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