Below is a selected look at writings. It is primarily focused on work I am most interested in or the most recent in a longer series. A somewhat more thorough (but likely missing older stuff) look at weather publications can be found at

The areas most vulnerable to lightning fatalities in two maps, The Washington Post (2015, June 25)

U.S. Capability to Respond to the Next Great Disaster, The Brookings Institution (2014, August 12)

Is HDR photography enhancing or defiling how we see weather and nature?, The Washington Post (2014, August 14)

The Online Weather World Should Take a Chill Pill, Before an Actual Disaster Strikes, Weather5280 (2014, July 1)

15 spectacular supercell thunderstorms, The Washington Post (2014, June 10)

Long-track tornadoes: Historical clues about intensity, where, and when they occur most,
(2014, April 11)

It’s increasingly difficult to get snow in D.C., The Washington Post (2014, February 5)

An update on America’s forgotten war, Politico (2013, September 5)

Snuffing out social media’s fake weather photos, The Washington Post (2013, August 15)

Derecho of June 29, 2012: Ten tell-tale images of historic “land hurricane”, The Washington Post (2013, June 28)

The storm chaser dilemma and choice to sit out the May 31 Oklahoma City tornadoes, The Washington Post (2013, June 3)

Can lightning predict tornadoes? A D.C. area case may shed some light, The Washington Post (2012, December 7)

Could forecasters have better predicted the June 29 derecho?, The Washington Post (2012, July 3)

Is that a tornado? Wall, scud, shelf and other scary looking clouds, The Washington Post (2012, June 8)

Storm chasing goes mainstream: Is tornado voyeurism killing people?, The Washington Post (2012, April 16)

A Tale of Two Armies, Foreign Policy (2011, March-April)

A Year in Iraq and Afghanistan, New York Times (2011, January 30)


Licensed or purchased photos have appeared in: The Washington Post, D.C. Magazine, Garden State Fireworks, hyperlocal blogs (e.g., DCist), Marriott, National Weather Service, PBS Capitol Fourth, The Huffington Post, trade magazines (e.g., The Military Engineer), U.S. National Park Service, U.S. Park Police, U.S. Supreme Court.

I have photographed for the following groups: Brookings Institution, City Dogs Rescue, Pratt & Whitney, U.S. Central Command, U.S. House of Representatives.

Storm chasing: 2015(1) & 2015(2) | 2014 | 2013(1) & 2013(2) | 2012 | 2011

D.C. snow tourism: When the weather gets bad, the sight-seeing is still good (2015, Mar 9)

Five weeks of fall: Photographing peak color in the District (2014, November 20)

September storms provide spectacular scenes around D.C. (2014, September 8)

Chasing double rainbows over the Washington Monument, (2014, July 9)

A photo for every day in April: Documenting spring’s arrival in Washington, D.C. (2014, May 2)

Peak cherry blossom bloom sunrise in D.C., briefly kissed by light (2014, April 12)

NASA’s LADEE moon launch lights up the night (2013, September 7)

Maryland severe storm shows off superb structure, (2012, August 13)

Photographing D.C. making snow history (2010, February 18)

Potomac Twilight on a Spectacular August Evening (2009, August 14)

A Tweetup at NASA With the Hubble Repair Crew (2009, July 24)

San Francisco’s Summertime Stratus Deck (2009, June 11)

Autumn’s First Dusk at the National WWII Memorial (2008, September 25)

Many more posts can be found in the archives of photography at CWG from 2008-2011.