Washington, D.C. climatology: Understanding “normal” weather in the nation’s capital

The climate of Washington, D.C. is benign compared to some places, but we typically see at least a little bit of every type of weather throughout any given year.  I got my hands on daily climate data in late 2009 and have been addicted to it ever since. As I slowly piece together D.C.’s climate puzzle, this page will act as a house for the goodies.

What’s the weather like in… April | May | June | July
-Washingtonpost.com’s Capital Weather Gang series examining the weather throughout the year.

High and low temperature by year at Washington, D.C.
-Graph showing high and low temperature trends by year back to 1872, updated infrequently

90 degree days at Washington, D.C.
-Stats on 9o-degree days, updated frequently during 90-degree day season

100 degree days at Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, Md
-Stats on 100-degree days, updated as necessary

Highest low temperatures at Washington, D.C.
-Information about the warmest of the warm lows during the summer months, updated as necessary

Washington, D.C. thunderstorm days
-Thunderstorm day stats, updated July 7, 2011

Quick look at atmospheric conditions for a D.C. area tornado
-The upper-level signature of a big tornado, updated April 28, 2011


Most of the statistics here are compiled through full historical daily data records I have obtained for Washington, Baltimore and Dulles. These off-site files are supplemented with the links below.

NWS Baltimore/Washington climate page

New 1981-2010 climate norms: Washington, D.C. | Baltimore, Md. | Dulles, Va. (deciphering them)

Notes: Some less-structured or highly specific to the time climatological information posted to Capital Weather Gang is not included here, but is on my page of items published.

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